All members share a common Association purpose "to preserve and promote local heritage and culture". Similarly, the Wyndham City Council enforces standards to ensure boatshed longevity.

This is in marked contrast to many influential conservationists who oppose exclusive private use of public [foreshore] areas and who work for the restoration of Port Phillip Bay natural features. Conservation theory and practice seemingly precludes non-indigenous heritage and culture. Ideally there should be a harmonious relationship between all foreshore users based on legislation, legal precedent and other guidelines that can cope with natural and man-made changes.

The Association's vision reflects this ideal, and the objective and purposes reflect the interests of members. To this end a statement of purpose was developed.

Statement of Purpose

  • To seek membership from all non-commercial boatshed Licensees ofthe Wyndham City Council with the common aim to preserve and promotelocal heritage and culture.
  • To conserve and enhance heritage places of natural and cultural significance.
  • To represent member interests in the Wyndham community, Local andState Governments or their agencies and the general public.
  • To disseminate information and comment on member issues
  • To enter into contracts for the provision of collective foreshore services or consultancies.
  • To co-ordinate activities that will enhance the boatshed precinct.
  • To participate in formal arrangements to enhance the interests ofall licensed bathing boxes and boatsheds located around Port Phillip Bay and Westernport.
  • To enhance Local and State Government management and promotion of tourism.
  • To do all such other things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above purposes or any of them.